Neshama Carlebach

Neshama Carlebach is an award-winning singer, songwriter and educator who has sold over one million records, making her one of today’s best-selling Jewish artists in the world.

100PercentBeads and Neshama Carlebach have created a line of jewelry together called Believe. “Believe" is the title of Neshamas latest album. Click here to see the collection!

Lustgarten Foundation

The Lustgarten Foundation and 100PercentBeads have collaborated on a Bracelet Collection to raise the necessary funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.  The Bracelet Collection: using Sterling Silver & Amethyst has 4 designs to choose from. 

Click here to see the collection!


100 Percent Beads' Lava Bracelets

These unisex lava bracelets are totally stylish for all kinds of looks. Dress up or dress down. The black lava beads are porous, so you can add essential oils or other scents to the beads to sniff whenever you please.

My life is in such flux and so many changes and I feel your necklace protects me.
It's not why I bought it but it's become more signficant to me.

"100PercentBeads jewelry is beautiful and adds that extra touch to my outfits."

"Pam put's all of herself in her pieces and it shows in each and every design"

"I get my one of kind pieces from Pam....there is nothing more special"

"I gave the necklace with the round flower to my friend in Cali -She LOVED it. You do such beautiful work."