Pam Moskowitz is a designer with a big heart! 100PercentBeads started when Pam was just a young girl, beading with her mother.  100PercentBeads has become a brand desired by retailers like &JAMES, Kd studio beauty & style, Excessorize, Yoga Journey, LV2FIT, Beginnings Bleus & Havana Jeans and Revival Boutiques just to name a few. Three years ago Pam felt inspired to take the leap from Social Work to full-time jewelry designer making 100PercentBeads a brand and a business. Working fiercely to create handmade and custom jewelry pieces that are created from the most authentic precious and semi-precious stones.














Pam’s supplier’s follow internationally recognized labor, trade and environmental standards. The 100PercentBeads esthetic is created thoughtfully, to make it easier to accessories with versatility. The jewelry can be layered; worn with what you already own or as a statement piece. Clientele will be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious feel and look of 100PercentBeads when discovering the accommodating price point for the everyday man & woman. 

With roots in Social Work Pam knows first hand the importance of connection and helping others feel confident in themselves. Striving to bring this same mission to every single piece of jewelry.

100PercentBeads looks forward to connecting with you!